Graphic Design

It’s all about applying visual sense to visual solutions

We have always felt that content and design go hand-in-hand. When we started with content, nearly 15 years ago, we had no inkling we would also diversify into graphic design, and today, we practically do everything, across business verticals – brochures, product catalogues, print advertisements, magazine design, annual reports, newsletters, emailers – anything and everything that requires a strong, visual component.

Since marketing communication is incomplete without visual communication, clients we were serving with content began to themselves offer us design opportunities – “Madam, why don’t you take the whole business from us. We like your sense of aesthetics and business ethics,” they would say.

Their words gave us courage and we diversified into Graphic Design. Today, the workflow is such that we can think of inducting not just one but two more senior designers into our team.

May the tribe grow!

Kavya Savtirkar

Senior Designer

When she joined us nearly five years ago, she was young and inspired but also hesitant. I was preparing for my liver transplant. I interviewed her on Skype from my hospital room and something between us clicked and we took her on board.

Three months down the line, she broke the news that she was pregnant, so in a few months wouldn’t be able to commute to office.

I had just joined back after my surgery and our order books were full. There was a lot of backlog to catch up with. Reluctant to let a trained resource go, we decided to give her flexi-time.

For the past four years, Kavya has been working from her home in Kalyan and also taking cae of her two small babies. So far, it’s been an extremely smooth sailing. So much so that in the past four years, instead of falling, Kavya’s output has been growing and she has also matured as a designer.

Indeed my experience with Kavya has been so positive that I am now convinced that flexi-time works, especially for women.

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