Business Plans & Market Research

Business Plans & Market Research-Incisive, insightful and statistically-sound

Business Plans & Market Research are crucial blue prints for the success of any business.

While helping you introduce your business to prospective investors, a business plan also gives you a creative road map to follow.

A market research report, on the other hand, will tell you what your target audience needs, what are their articulated and unarticulated (silent) needs, how they wish to be reached and what is it that you can do to plug this need gap and gain competitive edge in the market.

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Drafting Business Plans and Preparing Market Research Reports requires deep insight into your business and extensive knowledge of the industry you operate in. While focusing all your efforts on operating your business, you may not have the time to do the marketing yourself. This is where a professional market research agency such as Write Solutions can be of service to you.

Being one of the premium market research services in India, we have expert researches on board who will extensively data mine your industry. Our content strategists are professionals with many years of experience in drafting plans for various businesses.

We can press our resources to produce insightful, water-tight business plans to woo your investors. As one of the best market research companies, we can also output timely market research that can establish you as a market leader in your domain.

How do we work?

Business Plans

  • We identify your target audience, understand your market and analyse your competition through extensive research.
  • We determine various aspects of setting-up your new business or re-establish/re-brand an old entity.
  • We can come up with marketing plans that carve out the road map to push your business forward.
  • We can propose financial planning tools that will tell your investors how much they should invest and what returns they can expect and when.
  • We draft business plans in an easy-to-comprehend manner that will tell your investors everything they need to know about your upcoming start-up

Market Research Reports

  • We dig up information about your business from secondary sources that include some of the leading market research companies.
  • Our research includes information in public domain that may be outside your reach but is available to us from library resources that we subscribe to.
  • We look for and analyze competitor statistics and latest trends.
  • We start putting the research into words, while making sure the final report is concise and informative.
  • We deliver the report within the stipulated time-frame

Why Choose Write Solutions?

Professional Team

A team of dedicated professionals committed towards client satisfaction

Client-Centered Services

Going that extra mile in understanding your requirements and delivering, accordingly

Affordable Pricing

Offering top-quality services at cost-effective rates to ensure long-lasting business relationships

Time-Effective Services

Timely reports to help you make the most out of the opportunities you get

Spell out your requirements and we’ll get your startup the word fuel it needs to get established.

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Turtle Down Under (TDU) is a strategic business unit of Australia-headquarted Global Travel Xperts (GTX) that runs its BPO travel operations from Kolkata. In the market research that we conducted for them and the plan we proposed, we suggested they split their operations under four, clearly segmented units, differentiate their service offering under each SBU, and develop a new set of new corporate identities, taglines, marketing collaterals, print ads, multimedia and social media tools and websites for each SBU,

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Band Baja Baraat

This market study was done for a banquet hall that wanted a complete understanding of competition study, the choice of the location, the demographics of the surrounding areas, the kind of footfalls they would attract, the menu expectations, even interior and menu planning,  with a go-to-market plan, and the investment involved.

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Space Sketcher

The client had an interesting app for individuals, interior decorators, developers etc., that they wanted to showcase at a Maheshwari community’s business meet in order to draw the interest of the venture capitalists invited to the event.  To the client’s immense happiness, the business plan and PPT that we developed for them made it to the final round of selections.

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