Why Testify?

17th Aug, 2016

| by Aditi Chavan

While some may perceive it to be a fake, exercise in self-glorification, testimonials serve an important and useful function in building brand loyalty.

Testimonials are formal statements from satisfied customers affirming the work, profession, and quality of a product or service they have received from a client.

When it comes to business expansion, testimonials can play a vital role, as the success of a business depends heavily on the word of mouth.

Testimonials are useful for a business website for….

Establishing and improving your credibility in rendering a quality job

It’s obvious that people will not do business with you if they don’t trust your brand or find you credible, vouched by other customers. You may be surprised at how many valuable testimonials you will be able to collect, not just by asking your business connections directly but also through discussions that have been generated from your blog posts and other digital footmarks that your data analytics teams mines and archives, such as chat discussion, emails and instant messengers as a result of your sharp, well-monitored, online presence.

Using lead conversion into sales

A jewelry retailer once had a bright idea.  They started collecting testimonials from all women buyers of its hi-end products. The testimonial was sought in the form of a wish list…”On my anniversary or next birthday, I wish to buy…. from X store”

The online store would then dispatch these testimonials to their spouses on the D day to give them ideas on what can make an ideal gift for their wives, girlfriends.

Guess what? The stores sales began to pick up. It was a simple case of blending the power of personal testimonials with loyalty templates. It worked and how!

Unleashing the selling power of your brand

You will automatically generate leads that convert into sales, if you tend to have a responsive website, where every user experience is meticulously recorded.

If running a business is about trust and trust is what you lack, is there any point in doing business of any which kind? Your brand needs to be credible and salient enough to establish trust amongst a loyal, ever-growing customer base. Testimonials are social proofs or documentary evidence of all the good work that you are doing that helps you make your brand a reputed name.


Aditi Chavan

Aditi Chavan

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