Why have a tagline for your brand?

23rd Apr, 2014

| by writesolutions

A tagline that captures your core attributes can make you appear like a super brand

Shabda Pawar

Before, they got ‘tagged’ and ‘meta tagged’ they were simply known as slogans, derived from the Scottish word ‘sluagh’ which literally means battle cry.

What a lovely description! It carries the essence of a string of words – to issue a war cry in a fiercely competitive market. As such, a tagline is meant to make a prospect sit up and take notice. They are useful word ammunition for corporate to communicate who they are, and what differentiates them from competition. They are designed and devised to capture and present a company’s or a product’s unique selling proposition to the market, thereby helping in the marketing of the product, or the company.

McDonald’s is a good case-in-point – “I’m lovin’ it.”  Or take LG Electronics’ ‘Life is Good.’ Both are simple, powerful and effective. The world’s largest, quick service delivery food chain in fact kept experimenting with their taglines (“Look for the golden arches,” “Did somebody say McDonald’s?” “We love to see you smile”….) until they hit the jackpot and found, the perfect one in 2003 – “I’m lovin’ it,” that was both slurpy and sumptuous, Ummmm, “We lov it.”

This, the company figured out could be an ideal representation of their brand, as to a foodie, it would be the perfect seller and the ultimate reminder of their quick and delicious service – Ask any teenage fan of the McDonald’s brand.

The shorter the sweeter

Snip the length. Cut the flab. And, be as brief as possible. Brief is sexy and not just on the beach. It’s sexy in the ad world, as well. Think Nike. Think Coca Cola:

ü Nike – “Just Do It’

ü Coca Cola –“The real thing”

ü Barclays Bank – “It’s our business to know your business”

However, to scribes like us, a slogan is not just a tag-line that advertisers create in their attempt at playing a strategic game. It also captures the core value of a brand. So, keep experimenting until you hit the perfect score.

Yes, score as in musical score. Roughly, 44 percent taglines played out on TV include the brand name (Don’t think that’s an earth-shaking idea, even though it represents a popular trend); 36 percent include slogans that have been used before (And carry an instant recall) and only 7 percent are set to a musical score (An untapped opportunity, Methink).

A banking survey once found (as if we didn’t know this already) that slogans have a very powerful role in enhancing brand building. Consistency also matters.

Thinking of an apt, clever tagline is a tedious exercise, but it’s worth the trouble. You can begin by listing down all the spoken and unspoken attributes of your brand, and narrowing it down to the attribute. Sound off the ultimate selection with your friends and there, you may very soon have a winner on your hands.

If it still appears a chore, come to us. Write Solutions helps companies hunt and zero in on the perfect brand name and slogan. Get in touch with us today. We’d be happy to help.


Radhika Sachdev

Content Strategist

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