What to Look for in Your #Content Writer (Part 1).

23rd Oct, 2018

| by Yashvini Bhatt

Out-sourcing your #content needs is a necessary evil in the digital economy. Here’s how to ace your search for the right #content writer

Chetan had set up a small-scale business in the supply of all kinds of pump equipment. New to the industry, he managed to get a website made by a good web-developer and designer. But decided to cut-costs and went to the first content writer that he found on Just Dial.

The outcome? Although the website looked great, by the end of the first six months, if could not attract any traffic. No traffic. No leads, except for one or two from Just Dial. But not one from the website on which he’d spent a considerable sum of money.

No marks for guessing what went wrong.

But Chetan couldn’t figure out the reason. So he showed it to a few of his trusted friends. And the verdict came that the #content is not sticky. It doesn’t explain Chetan’s products. There were numerous grammar errors, and it’s just not business-friendly. It read more like an English essay by a 12th standard student.

On his second attempt, Chetan, tried to work with the same #content writer, by sitting with him himself, and getting the copy revised? Did it work?

Unfortunately, no, because the trouble was not with the writer per se, who may have been good at other forms of writing (e.g. fiction, advertising copy etc.) he was just not good with #business content.

Chetan learnt his lesson the hard way, after burning a hole in his pocket. The third time, when he put in an inquiry for # ‘content writer’ in Just Dial, and received two dozen-odd responses, he sat down to carefully study each, and figure out who could be the best match for the kind of business writing he required.

Chetan realised that when a small business owner needs #content for his website, he should look for the following in his vendor:

First Thing First – Phenomenal budget for phenomenal #content writing? No…. #content writing is the cheapest among all web development services (far less than web development or graphic design fee) but, when it comes to giving the best search results, it ranks as the top service. For the simple reason that websites don’t get searched by their look, design or picture quality but by its text. This text has to be powerful, unique, original, and #key-word-enriched. It has to demystify the product or the service to the lay consumer. For instance, if it’s a marketplace, the #content writer should have written for online marketplaces before. It’s for the business owner to vet that knowledge before hiring him/her.

Unfortunately, Google, or any other search engine for that matter, is yet not that intelligent to be able to search by aesthetics. It searches only by the #content, i.e. by #keywords. For that reason, the #content has to be #keyword rich and powerful. This is even more applicable in the case of B2B communication.

For instance, according to an uncited source, for nine out of ten B2B buyers “#Content majorly affect purchase decision,” and it can safely be assumed that the perception would not be very different among B2C buyers as well. In other words, your ROI would be much higher from content done by a specialist, than that developed by a novice, and this is one spent, that you must make wisely.

 How to zero in on a good #content writer?

Check for the following:

Well-Established in their Niche –Look out for agencies or individual freelancers who have past experience of doing #content related to your industry. That will help the vendor interpret and execute your brief better.

Expressing Your Vision – The most important and often ignored role of a #content writer is listening to your brief. And translating and conveying your insights cleverly into words, keeping the #SEO factor in mind. The tone you want to set should also get through. Great web #content is always transparent and absorbable.

Converting Your Ideas – Good #content writers feel comfortable breaking down complex business models or technical ideas into simple language that buyers can easily understand.

100% Original Content: Search engines like Google will immediately tank your website search results, if the #content is copy-pasted from other sites. Make sure your vendor by default runs your copy on Copyscape, or any other such plagiarism testing software, before delivering it to you. Specifically, ask for this report at the time of delivery, and before making the final payment for the service.

To the Point #Content – Balancing the #content with adequate number of #keywords is also an important consideration. Out of context #keywords, or too many keywords would make absolutely no sense. And unwittingly blasting the copy with numerous #keywords would also kill its impact. Too much, or too little keywords, would both be disastrous for your #content.

(To Be Continued. This is part one of a two-part series).


Yashvini Bhatt

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