There is nothing ghostly or ghastly about ghost writing

9th Oct, 2014

| by writesolutions

“It’s as legitimate as any other business,” says Radhika Sachdev, the chief content creator at Write Solutions.


That said, since it’s a new and evolving practice, there are several myths and cross-myths associated with it.

“Not everyone can write, although almost everyone can conceive,” says Radhika, who needed this grey market, some seven-eight years ago.

“I could bring other people’s thoughts to paper, in a manner that they could not do it, so I thought, why not?” says Radhika.

Radhika realises that what she produces are not literary masterpieces. Rather these can be called an extension of marketing collaterals for corporate and personal branding.

“Prostitution of prose?” if that’s the other name for this service, she has no objection to it.

We share here a link ( to a write-up that appeared on her in a magazine, where the writer appears to make one mistaken assumption about Radhika’s work – that there is no passion or involvement in this kind of a work.

On the contrary, there is a lot of involvement, but the work also demands a certain kind of a clinical detachment from the end products; sometimes even the ‘words on hire’ in order to get under the skin of the buyer and think his thoughts; say it the way he/she would have said it.

That’s challenging and whether you’d like to buy this bromide or not – rewarding, in its own surrogate way!


Radhika Sachdev

Content Strategist

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