“Thookna Manaa Hain!”

15th Feb, 2018

| by Nanditha Vasudev , nanditha_vasudev

The Mouth-Watering Paan Dessert!

What would you prefer to have after a meal?

Some yummy dessert to pamper your taste buds? Or a Paan?

Now, how about a combination of both?


You won’t be if you tried this combo at Leavessence. In fact, if you are at this amazing Paan shop, you might even get a free sample to taste.

Anuj and Shubham, two childhood friends, turned into entrepreneurs embracing the unique concept of digestive, dessert-based, tobacco-free, Paan.

It all started with an innovation that they tried out at home. They wrapped a piece of chocolate in a betel leaf and tried it out to see how it tasted. They found the taste absolutely amazing. With help from Anuj’s father, they opened up a Paan store in the Pali hill area and decided to sell dessert-based Paan.

They brought in a high-end chef and a traditional Paan-waala. While the urban chef prepared varieties of digestive dessert, the job of the Paan-waala was to find out how to blend these dishes with Paan in the best way possible.

Anuj and Shubham’s next job was to make sure people bought these dessert-based Paans. But then how do you sell something that people have never tried?

This is was where they had to come up with their strategy – Try Before You Buy!

They offered free samples of dessert-based Paan to every customer who bought traditional Paan from their shop. Most of them ended up buying them after developing a liking to the taste.

Repeat customers were given different flavors to try.

Brownie Paan, Marshmallow Paan, Oreo Paan, Caramel Paan, Red Velvet Paan – the options kept increasing.

The dessert-based Paans were offered to anyone and everyone who visited Leavessence. There were Paan lovers, foreigners, and even those who had never tasted Paan in their lives. Nevertheless, the strategy worked wonders.

Product sampling led to word of mouth. Customers not only started coming back but also started bringing along their friends and family members to try out this unique blend of dessert and Paan. Soon the word spread to different parts of Mumbai. Celebrities like Sunaina Roshan, Manish Malhotra, and Karan Johar wanted to try out these Paans too.

Very soon Anuj and Shubham decided to take up home deliveries. They started getting party orders within no time at all.

Over the past few months, Anuj and Shubham have had to face plenty of challenges in business, including two attempts of BMC to take down their Paan shop with bulldozers. But none of these have in any way managed to dampen the spirits of these two very young budding entrepreneurs. We wish them all the best in their endeavor and sincerely hope they get all the success that they deserve.

A combination of Dessert and Paan might sound weird to many. But believe us when we say this – it is an amazing treat to those with a sweet tooth. Through Leavessence, Anuj and Shubham have tried their best to bring in a brand new perspective to Paan. Now it is up to you to accept and respect this perspective.

Nanditha Vasudev

Nanditha Vasudev

Copy Editor

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