The language of #BrochureDesign

9th Apr, 2019

| by Yashvini Bhatt , writesolutions

Since it’s a printed collateral, aesthetics count for a lot in a brochure or a company profile.

A study done by Albert Mehrabian, a Professor at Clark University, US says human brain is hard wired to process information visually. This is also a scientifically-proven fact.  #BrochureDesign therefore plays a primary role here. You have just a fraction of a second to grab your customer’s attention with your collateral and seizing the moment is the key.

As Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc., who even made technology look sexy with the help of aesthetics once famously declared, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. It is how it works.”

In short, the job of good #BrochureDesign that works, is to take the prospective buyer’s brand consciousness to the next level through arresting visuals. In this context, Dr. Lynell Burmark, an education consultant on visual literacy opines, content presented with visuals, stays on longer in customer memory.

At Write Solutions, as the design team takes over after the approval of the content. The team looks into the brochure as a whole, creating the right space for design. Overall the #BrochureDesign will only cut through if there is a considerable white space between the text columns and images. We used this technique to good effect in Varrenyam, for a financial services company, where we used simple, clean graphics to communicate their core services. Anything heavy would not have gone down well with their core offering.

In contrast, in 7Apple, which is a hospitality brand, the palette and graphics are very vibrant that befits a hospitality brand. The idea is to use design to convey – in one, short look – the business of the brand – and have it stand out in the saturated marketplace.

The best example of this is the Rann Utsav brochure where in order to give a huge lot of white space to the excellently-shot images of the world-famous Kutch festival, the designer used grey-toned simple font to play up the brilliant hues of the scenes captured in the images, all payed on the grainy, white background to give a feel of the white sand – check it out here .

The #BrochureDesign perspective will be explored further in the next installment.




Radhika Sachdev

Content Strategist

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