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9th Sep, 2013

| by writesolutions

…For breathing life into a dream

There is a reason, we chose September 9, as the launch date for Write Solutions. It’s a day after my mother passed away last year.

A fiercely independent, fitness-conscious woman, from who we all drew loads of strength at different points of our lives, she was kept in a medically-induced comatose state on a ventilator for almost a month; hovering on the brink of life with nothing stronger than her will to survive and our hope that she would recover, as she had always had through her numerous other ordeals in life – by her unparalleled grit and dignity.

Every morning, during those difficult hours of my life, I would wait for the day’s first phone call from the hospital, when the hospital attendants would provide me a long list of medicines that would keep our hope alive – for one more day! We, my sisters and I, hobbled precariously over the choppy waters with one, driving thought – our determination to walk with Mama until the very end, just as she had walked with the three of us, at every cross and turning of our lives.

Years ago, when I decided to leave home (Kanpur) for a job with Times of India in New Delhi, an unheard of move for a single girl from a patriarchal, feudal family, it was my Mama, who stood by me and let me go in search of my identity. Did I find it? I did as a journalist for 17 years, during which time, I even got my parents to shift to NOIDA with me – but eventually, I got so disillusioned with the vacuousness in people, who preach from a moral pedestal but don’t quite apply the same ethical yardsticks to their own profession (not all, but most journalist I came in contact with) that I was eventually ready to switch gears and move into a different lane, altogether.  However more on that later.

Going back to my story with Mama, to be sure, we had out disagreements – steamy ones at that – about decisions that she had felt compelled to take about my life that I did not quite agree with — but there is one statement that stands out from that tumultuous past – one that leaps from memory and often tugs at my heart. At one of our most vulnerable moments she’d said, “You’ll make it one day, and when you do, you may recall, it was my dream too.”

When Mama passed away on September 8, leaving us tired and broken in both body and spirit, the meaning of those prophetic words hadn’t completely sunk in, not by a long measure. All I knew was that I somehow needed to plough through life, and pick up the threads again, more particularly for the sake of my 12-year-old daughter, who was so attached to her nani and my 73-year-old father, who was recovering from stroke.

Since I couldn’t bear the thought of returning to our house in NOIDA that Mama and I had so lovingly put together and that she practically ran for me with every ounce of love that she felt for me, I sneaked into Mumbai, to share my hurt, my resolve and my resources with my sister.

Mumbai changed it all. From a journalist, Mumbai – the city of opportunities that it is – turned me into a copywriter.  After Litmus ( in Ahmadabad and the work I did for them in April, orders for copywriting started pouring in from all quarters. So much so that within a month, I felt the need to move Write Solutions from city to national listing on Just Dial and the business leads expectedly doubled.

A few months down the line, our order book is full, at least for the next three months.  In June, we (My sister Poonam and her husband, Arun have joined me at Write Solutions) decided to launch our website – thank you, Litmus – for doing such a great job on it.

Today, we have set our ethical standards; work with clients we have a value match with; stick to pre-specified budgets and deadlines –  on one occasion, the three of us worked through the night only because we had committed a tight delivery date to a UK-based client – and promised ourselves that we will walk the extra mile for every customer.

Today when Write Solutions is in business and growing, how I wish my mother (Choti Mama, as I indulgently called her for her diminutive size but towering spirit) was here to witness it. Knowing her, she must be smiling to see that we’ve moved on and one by one, begun to realise the dreams she had for us.



Radhika Sachdev

Content Strategist

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