Knock! Knock! Does your business #Has-tags?

22nd Apr, 2015

| by writesolutions

For those who dunno, the ‘#’ sign placed at the start of a word or a key phrase is called ‘hashtag.’ It’s strategically the powerful tool that small businesses can use on social media.

Shabda Pawar

If you like me have wondered what’s the power packed in this ‘#’ thingee, we are not alone.

I am sure, there are hordes of small digital hot shops out there, we are oblivious of the potential this small symbol holds.

This post will hopefully show them the way.

One of our business associates, recently instructed us, in no uncertain  terms, to densely populate #hashtags in all the blogs, that we were commissioned to ghost write for him, every month. We did as bid, and wonder of wonders – the magic worked! And how!

That when I started digging around for information and came up with the idea for this blog, because, I am pretty much sure that like me, there are many out there who are not familiar with the promise of the punch packed in this small symbol!

For starters, #hashtag wasn’t born in a day. It wasn’t even born in a plush office. A net junkie came up with this idea and what was earlier a defunct key on the keywords suddenly got a life of its own!

The grassroots movement turned into a mainstream culture. Today, it goes viral so fast that every internet community has begun to realise that it needs a #hashtag!

How did the craze start?

In 2007, Twitter users began using the ‘#’ sign in front of words or phrases to create tribes on the 40-character microsite. Twitter took the cure and from 2009, the microsite has been hyper-linking all #hashtag in its tweets. In 2014, all major social networks (Excluding LinkedIn) started using hyperlinked #hashtags and their popularity soared.

How does it work?

When someone clicks on a #hashtag on any social media site, they are automatically connected to all other public posts that use the same #hashtag. The information gets curated in a millisecond. So besides taking your content to a wider audience, it also ensures that it takes it to the right audience who are on the same search mission as you.

It happens so fast that netizens started using #hashtag even in their regular searches. Try using it on Google search bar with your key phrase and the results would appear in a jiffy, faster than usual.  The sweetener in the deal is that it costs virtually nothing!

However hang on. Do not overkill

Too much of a good thing can lead to constipation. Or an upset stomach. Either way, it’s bad for your health. Use #hashtag on all social networks you are present on, but don’t go overboard! Too many #hashtag can be off-putting for your readers. An overkill can hurt your engagement and get you to shed a few followers. In fact, when you use more than two #hashtag, there are studies that indicate that your engagement actually drops.

Consider doing this #Iamahotsellingicecreamvendor and you will get the drift.

#Hashtag only the keywords relevant to your business and industry.


PS: See, I can’t fight the temptation to sign off with the #hashtag at the end of this post?




Radhika Sachdev

Content Strategist

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