Junk B2B or B2C. Go H2H

9th May, 2014

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Move over business associate, consumer. Let’s have some buddy-to-buddy chat with an equal.

There was a time, when market communication was neatly segmented. It was either ‘business to business’ (B2B) or ‘business to consumer’ (B2C). Marketers had to adjust their tone, tonality, the substance of their campaigns, accordingly. They could either talk down (B2C), or talk up (B2B). But they could never talk even.

This kind of a staggered communication, gave plenty of leeway for hard-sell and also for playing some power (or should we say pelf) politics, but unfortunately, it left no room for talking straight. It didn’t create any space in our pitches for talking direct. Level-to-level. Or for talking Human-to-Human (H2H).

Let me illustrate this point:

B2B: “The best means of reaching your target audience is through mobile …” (Pitch directed at a brand manager)

B2C:  “Imagine getting an irresistible deal every time you shop!” (Pitch directed at a yuppie consumer)

But what if I ask you to forget, that you are doing any target selling. What if your communication did not come tailored to a ‘business associate’ (B2B) or a consumer (B2C). If I simply ask you to ‘talk’ as you’d talk to a peer, a buddy, how would the conversation flow?

In other words, if, you were to design a campaign with the sole purpose of engaging the receiver, what would be the tonality/substance of your pitch in the example cited above?

H2H: “Hey have you checked this cool app? It sends exclusive discount offers to your cell phone from your favorite brands?”

What impact would this kind of a communication have?

Got the drift?

B2B is out. B2C is also out. What is in is H2H.

This third approach incidentally is not a sales pitch. It’s a direct buddy-to-buddy conversation. To our mind, it’s the linguistic happenstance of the huge popularity of social media. Because, consumers were always unwitting targets of unwelcome selling pitches, the language of marketing was salesy. It may have been subtle but it remained stiffly formal.

With social media, this last bastion has been razed to the ground.

The writing on the wall is clear – Go informal. Go direct. Go H2H.


Because, we, as market communicators are.


Radhika Sachdev

Content Strategist

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