Is your #brochure intriguing enough?

2nd Apr, 2019

| by Yashvini Bhatt

The purpose of a good #brochure is to deliver your customer to your website. Is it doing that?

Businesses, whether new or old, small or big, require digital presence. However, before it comes to occupy the virtual space, you need to also connect with the client physically, through a printed #brochure. The reason for this is simple.

“You cannot BUY engagement. You have to BUILD engagement,” says Tara-Nicholle Nelson, the CEO of Transformational Customer Insights, and building engagement is a step-wise process that requires strategic use of multiple collaterals – simultaneously or serially.

At  #WriteSolutions we often this chicken and egg situation – what to do first for a client – focus on the web presence or arm them with a print #brochure that will intrigue the customer enough, to eventually deliver him to the website. For although there is a print cost involved in making a #brochure, in India print is still a very important touch point for customer engagement.

Understanding the Client’s Business

We begin the process by extracting a complete brief from the client, which often is a challenge in itself. Our in-house developed instrument for this is a client questionnaire that is fairly exhaustive to simplify the process. More information is later pried out during subsequent brainstorming sessions by the client servicing and the creative in-charge with the client team. As our content strategist Radhika Sachdev puts it, “The client knows his business the best. Our role is to demystify it to the target customer.”


Developing content for the #brochure

Crisp, no-nonsense business information, bearing in mind the print cost involved. No one has the time or patience to wade through reams of data.

Next comes design. Unlike competition, at #WriteSolutions content – keyword inserted and original – with an attention-grabbing headline.

The look and Layout

Our in-house style is minimalistic, where selection of fond counts for a lot. For one of our clients, Kok-do-koo, who are into egg farming, our designer used Helvetica and GOBOLD  font – thin and elegant, perfect for a business look.

Layouts vary with business kind. The four general ones are:

  • Product layout.
  • Process layout.
  • Fixed position layout
  • Cellular layout.

We like to experiment with a range of layouts, in consideration of general aesthetics, client demands, the volume and kind of information being pitched.

Logos – not to be missed

Logo is the short-form of a business. For one of our clients, Fine Stones, designing a logo was part of the #brochure brief. Kavya Savatirkar, our senior graphic designer recalls, “We gave a grainy stone effect to their logo to reflect their business in their logo.”

In sum, “A #brochure is 80 % pictorial, where less but pithy content is often more,” quips Radhika.

Watch out for our next blog on a detailed discussion of the #brochure design elements.


Yashvini Bhatt

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