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1st Oct, 2015

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Have you tried making user-generated content become the voice of your brand. Here are a few interesting cases cited by Wayin in The Pursuit of Social Persuasion

Case Study#1- Dunkin Donuts – tickets to Super Bowl XLIV


Dunkin Donuts tapped into their audiences’ passion for Monday Night Football by inviting their customers to participate in social polls that predicted game outcomes. The winners received VIP tickets to Super Bowl XLIV. Through this campaign, the donut brand got customers to promote their brand across social media networks and national television while also driving loyalty programme signups.

Case Study#2- Random Acts of Kindness- Sharing pictures of Good Samaritans


The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation tapped into the power of social persuasion to activate Colorado with an online campaign encouraging schools, businesses and individuals to perform and submit photos of 10,000 random acts of kindness. Promoting this collective goal, the submitted content was displayed on the website to inspire others to join the campaign, resulting in 2,290 of the 10K submissions coming from social media across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Case Study#3- 20th Century Fox – weaving user-generated content into the plot


 20th Century Fox wanted to increase the impact of television trailer commercials for the new movie Let’s Be Cops by incentivising potential movie-goers to share their interest in the movie. The media company took the best social reactions to the upcoming movie and integrated this live audience social content directly into TV previews to drive ticket sales.

Case Study#4- The Weather Channel – alerts delivered by viewers


 The Weather Channel used content posted in public domains and weather alerts to break weather trends from audience each morning. In addition, they use audience-sourced images for displaying authentic, first hand weather experiences.

Case Study#5 –NASCAR & HP – tapping into social visualisation


HP powered an in-venue social visualization wall at Nascar’s Iowa Speedway to promote brand loyalty of the sporting event and supporting sponsor. The wall highlighted multiple visualisations—such as drivers trending amongst Twitter fans—and real-time fan social posts.

Case Study#6- The Denver Broncos Co-opting fans into your PR Team


The Denver Broncos developed an online and in-venue visual display to showcase fan content such as photos, Broncos-related conversations, sponsor ads and the other marketing collaterals. The multi-screen social experience encouraged fans to co-create public team promotion through website views, media impressions and paid sponsorship of the social campaign.

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Radhika Sachdev

Content Strategist

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