If you can’t create, curate it

5th Sep, 2014

| by writesolutions

You are not an author. So how do you find shareable content for your target customers. Here are top 20 sources for curated content?

  • Alltop – As you can imagine, Alltop has all of the top stories trending from around the web. Create a free account to keep track of your favorite stories, as well any updates from the industry heavyweights.


  • ContentGems – Accelerate your approach to finding good content with ContentGems! With a quick sign up, you can find the latest and greatest content pieces on the web.


  • Digg – Digg was formerly an online community of users sharing links to their most favorite content pieces. Now it is home to some of the most circulated content pieces on the web!


  • Hacker Newsletter – Hacker Newsletter is a weekly roundup of interesting links and sources in the tech startup world. Get access to all of the past issues to start reading and jumpstart your creativity!


  • HootSuite – Sign up to use HootSuite and you can make use of the platform’s Suggested Content feature. Allow HootSuite to scan your content and profiles for the most relevant content that you can post in seconds!


  • Flipboard – Get the latest insights on the news and media that you currently care about. Flipboard provides a content spread of your related topics so that you can constantly stay connected to your extended network.


  • IFlow – Don’t just follow the crowd; go with the flow that you want on the web! IFlow improves the way you curate content, allowing you the right information at the perfect time.


  • Inbound.org – Inbound.org was created by the cofounders of Moz and HubSpot in order to help marketers reach some of the best content in the world of inbound marketing. Sift through its article categories to find content that’s relevant to your audience!


  • Kuratur – Do you find it too time-consuming to handle your blog’s content. Let the content generate itself with Kuratur while boosting your SEO at the same time.


  • Learnist – Receive the world’s knowledge right at your fingertips with Learnist! Listen to experts chime in about their industries, and read crowdsourced knowledge in an instant.


  • Newsle – Find content on the people that matter to you with Newsle. Consider it reputation management for your network so that you can share articles from individuals your audience will recognize.


  • Quibb – If you’re a high-caliber member of your industry, look no further than Quibb! With only a 38% acceptance rate (including an application process), you’re guaranteed to have only the best content available to you.


  • Scoop.it – You can create, discover, and curate content painlessly with Scoop.it! Find what is pertinent to you and use it to you grow and engage your current followers.


  • Sidebar – If you’re interested in web design content, Sidebar might be the linkblog for you to keep bookmarked. This blog is curated by expert editors with a passion for great design.


  • SmartBrief – SmartBrief is the industry leader in curated content for business professionals! The topics it shares range from tech and media to travel and hospitality.


  • Spundge – Get your hands on this effective content curation platform, Spundge, in order to deliver timely content on a regular basis. Grab content from an assortment of different sites to build your influence.


  • The Latest – The Latest is a compilation of the best news and content from Twitter. Created by folks who love making things for fun, the Latest is a smart place to keep an eye on for top material


  • The Tweeted Times – You can never handle too much content! Get real-time news from Twitter’s from the most influential content marketers around the web on The Tweeted Times!


  • Topsy – Find everything from links, tweets, and fellow influencers through Topsy! This is a great to connect with other experts and get a varied level of content in the process.



Radhika Sachdev

Content Strategist

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