How to Get Your Media Message Out

22nd May, 2014

| by writesolutions

Ever wondered how to approach this standoffish community of journalists and media representatives to sent out your media  message to the world?

Even been stumped by the barriers set-up by the Fourth Estate?

Ever have to gatecrash past security guards to meet a reporter who handles your ‘beat’?

Have a press release – a product launch, a digital campaign to announce -but don’t know where to send it, or whom to mark it to? Mail it or hand deliver it?

Ever stood in front of a newspaper office and felt completely at sea – intimidated and small – like an intruder, waiting for your one-minute session and quick dismissal by a cub-reporter?

Worse, ever felt at a loss of words in front of a ‘man/woman of words’ not knowing where to cut your long story short and pull out just that juicy bit of news that would inveigle a ‘newshound’?

This free-to-download e-book on “How to Get Your Media Message Out’ can be your crash course in crafting a fool-proof media strategy. It will help you find answers to all these questions and more.

It could be of use to grass-root campaigners on a shoe-string media budget, who must do their own word-of-mouth. We believe it would also be of use to small-scale business men, who have to be their own publicists, especially with print journalists.

Enjoy and watch this space for more such resources.

We look forward to your bouquets and brickbats.

How to Get Your Media Message Out


Radhika Sachdev

Content Strategist

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