Why Hire For Content Marketing?

16th May, 2016

| by Poonam Taneja

 Everyone is not good at everything

There are three things you just can’t do on your own:

  • Lay the foundation for your new home
  • Extract your aching tooth
  • Style your hair

Add to this a fourth job – write your own business content. Even if you could string together a few sentences to make for a decent copy, a professional agency would score an edge over other marketing aspects, such as design, web develop, communicate,  photo source, do search engine optimization, and program languages.

banish the thought that you can accomplish all this and more single-handedly.

If professionals are expensive, you don’t know the cost of hiring amateurs

We’ve heard it so many times – “Oh, my nephew is a fantastic graphic designer. Or, my sister knows everything about SEO, so why should I hire someone else.” The thought process is “if I can get the service for free, why should I pay.”

We’d say you must pay because there are no free lunches in the world. Someone who has never worked with a professional content house or a web design company, would make such juvenile declarations.

Professionals, if they have been in the industry for five to six years would not be a Mom or Pop” outfit. They would have a team of domain experts and experienced people on board to work for the company.

All these heads will work together in a team spirit on your project. They would be able to look at the big picture. They will be able to craft a visual language for your brand that is contextual across mediums, and above all consistent. Your web content, website look and feel, logo, stationary, even your Facebook profile will draw from the corporate identity they create for you. And that will leave a big impression on your business associates.

We are not done.

More reasons for hiring a professional agency

You will receive end-to-end service from more than one professional. This will significantly cut down on your cost, effort and time and produce better results.

What’s more, a professional company will ensure that your brief is clearly understood and executed in full and you receive the final product on time and within your defined budget.

Your future needs would be met

A web property needs regular maintenance. Technical glitches come up that you alone can’t trouble-shoot. In order to keep your web property ‘alive’ accessible and forever engaging for your target customers, you need to post regularly. Besides, your posts need to be meaningful, newsy and share-worthy to go viral and create a sustainable buzz around your brand.

Your content will be reader-friendly

You may be an expert in your business, but a content writer is an expert in his/her business. Indeed, she is not even required to be a domain expert. She only needs to be a good information manager to be able to demystify your services and product offerings to your buyers.

Next time when you have content needs, don’t go to your nephew or aunt. Come straight to us. We’ll get the job done faster, quicker and better.

Poonam Taneja

Poonam Taneja


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