Have Phone? Will Shoot

26th Oct, 2013

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The story of the transformation of a humble telephone device 

The camera in your phone is the best camera, because it’s always with you. A Kodak moment? Snap! Someone slipped over a puddle in front of his house. Snap! Snap!

A ladies lunch? Snap, again.

When the US Airways Flight 1549 nosedived in the Hudson River in 2009, there were no photojournalists on the alert. But there was Janis Krums, who flipped out his iPhone and posted the devastating moment on Twitter, and the next second, it went viral!

Further, when a bunch of reporters got debarred from entering Iran’s mean streets to report on the protests taking place there, citizen journalists started taking pictures and sending those to print media outlets. No doubt, the footage was amateurish but the truth got told and the world came to witness true account of a situation gone out of control.

To be sure, mobile photojournalists may not be as professional in their final output as “big camera” pros, but the fact cannot be denied that the ubiquity of these cameras, along with their unobtrusiveness, have made them powerful tools for spying, snooping and capturing historic moments.

Having discovered that they always have a camera on them, some of these shutterbugs have now taken up photography as a serious creative hobby – I know of one such case in my family!

What’s more, thanks to Instagram, Flickr and Facebook, smart phone photography also has a purpose. With a hashtags, it can be shared with strangers across the globe – if you are so inclined!

New forums – iphoneart.com and wearejuxt.com – have come up to showcase some amazing, crazy stuff, while instagramers.com has taken mobile photography offline, with over 330 fan clubs, across the world, who regularly organize photo walks and exhibitions.

Small wonder that citizen journalists have started giving sleepless nights to photographers and print journalists. If something serious erupts on the street, there is invariably someone’s taking a picture of it. Go check Facebook.

As decoy photographers, they can slip in anywhere and not be noticed. This enables them to get a real slice of life – candid moments caught when people are not on their guard. And no one is complaining of resolution, light or aesthetics, because most mobile cameras these days do deliver higher resolution photos that can be outputted as large prints.

Renowned shutterbug Michael Christopher Brown (http://www.mcbphotos.com/) has produced spell-bounding work on the Libya crisis (Libyan Sugar) with his iPhone. Although he was later criticized for “over processing his images in Hipstamatic,” he was able to capture rare moments that the well-armed and well-equipped pros couldn’t.

Let’s face it – anything worth doing is worth doing well, and there’s no wrong way of taking a picture.

Good luck, have fun, and for heaven’s sake HOLD STILL!


Radhika Sachdev

Content Strategist

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