#GoodContentWriting and ‘The Works’ (Part 2)

28th Nov, 2018

| by Yashvini Bhatt , yashvini_bhatt

The person who understands your business along with the ecosystem surrounding it and gives the right ‘words’, to reach out to the market, makes for a #GoodContentWriter.


Let’s pick up from the previous link, where we were looking into Chetan’s case. We learned earlier that hiring a #goodcontentwriter is an economically viable and crucial aspect. Original content is one of the pre-requisite for the game.

The list continues-

Look For A New Perspective – A #goodcontentwriter would be able to give an interesting spin – a new and engaging hook for netting a business prospect. An outsider or buyer point of view, when weaved into the copy, will give birth to fresh and engaging content. To achieve that, the writer has to take interest in your business and understand your target audience; your market. The writer should be able to slip into your shoes to go deeper.

Understand Marketing And Be Abreast With The Current Issues –  A writer who doesn’t read can never be a good writer. For crisp business writing, it’s very important to stay updated with current business news and remain abreast with the recent happenings in your industry. The writer should be intelligent enough to weave these news inputs into your marketing strategy.

Be Sales-Oriented But Don’t Overkill – Make sure that the copy does not come out as in-your-face marketing activity. Don’t over-sell. A classic, oft-cited example is of the Amul butter billboards that don’t sell the product, ever but engage readers with thoughtful, witty and topical content, by latching on to a hot and trending current affair.

Your Marketing Team Cannot Be Your Content Writer – The in-house marketing team would already be having a number of tasks on hand. Assigning the job to them would mean loss of time. In the bargain, the quality would suffer. Also, the perspective point of view we discussed above wouldn’t work then.

Boosts Conversions – A deliberate and strong call to action on your website will certainly help conversions. It will prompt customers to hit the buy button. Or take part in a promotional activity, answer a survey form, or contact your firm directly. For this to happen, your content must be sufficiently attention-grabbing, short, simple and informative. In short, it must present a compelling argument. As Cori Linder in her write-up, Three Questions Every Content Marketer Should Answer Before Writing The First Word, for Forbes stresses, “with today’s average eight-second human attention span, you can’t afford to distract them off the yellow brick road to the key call to action”.

Creates A Voice For Your Company – When a prospect visits your website, they’re interested in learning more about what it would be like to deal with your company. Strategic website content echoes your brand voice and maintains a consistent image across verticals. Makes your brand stand out.

As strategically confirmed in AdAge India by, Karthik Nagarajan, the newly appointed Chief Content Officer at Wavemaker India, “Content has given brands an opportunity to create occasions of conversation, that are relevant to the purchase journey. We are at an inflection point in the business of content in India, where brands have a unique opportunity to not just ride this wave but also shape this industry. And I firmly believe that Wavemaker is uniquely positioned to drive this change for our clients”.

Content Which Gives Search Engine Optimization – #Goodcontentwriters have in-depth knowledge of keywords that would make their copy searchable and draws a massive amount of traffic to their website.

They Ask The Right Questions – And last but not the least, #goodcontent begins by asking important and requisite questions. For example – Who is the target audience? What is your business all about?  The content writer should know ‘who’, they are communicating with and ‘what’, they are conveying. The content writer should also be ready to carry out a thorough research as regards to your business.

After all this reading, Chetan finally realised that compromising on the quality of content is not an option.

A small but valuable insight to conclude with, Apple is supposedly, planning to invest over $1 billion on original content (for T.V.).

The world is waking up to it!!


Yashvini Bhatt

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