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14th Feb, 2015

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For B2B Communications, there is no social platform like LinkedIn do business on – here is how and why. 

Shabda Pawar

Who says social networking is only for fun?

The year 2003 was a watershed year, when the concept of social networking changed from B2C to B2B. In 2003, LinkedIn established its operations in India to help members become more productive and successful in their career and help businesses in India engage with audiences online through customised campaigns. Today, LinkedIn, headquartered in the Silicon Valley has its presence worldwide with a membership base of over 300 million.

India alone has over 28 million professionals, who are active users of this B2B platform. While technology and IT companies were the early adopters, today  professionals from other sectors, such as health care, construction and education management are also well represented on it. Indeed, 70% of its members are now believed to represent non-US geographies.

Three distinct areas where LinkedIn helps enterprises effectively are – in hiring, marketing of goods and services and selling.

A start-up in Hyderabad that supplies business applications to a niche market is a case in point.  The CEO of the company, an IIT-IIM alumnus floated his own group on LinkedIn, started a boot camp for sharing ideas, and appointed himself as the moderator at the group discussions. Somewhere down the line, the social interactions began to convert into business leads without incurring any marketing expense.

Likewise, Purvish Diwanji, Director of Satyajit Chemicals in Mumbai found new markets for his products at almost “zero expenditure.” A customer in South Africa was looking for an Indian vendor they could rely on for product quality, competitive pricing, delivery and transparency.  Diwanji’s impressive company page on LinkedIn, drew  and a few phone calls bagged him an assignment worth USD 15000. The buyer visited India in less than a week’s time and closed the deal in seven days. The product was shipped out in three weeks.  The rest, as they say, is history.

“We are not even present in Dubai market, recalls another LinkedIn user. “But things changed for us, when a client from UAE wrote to inquire about our service. He had stumbled on our showcase page on LinkedIn and liked our range of products. He has now introduced us to several other clients.”

In another incident, D Chakravarthy, Head HR, VA TECH WABAG Ltd. in Chennai, a search executive, who is into scouting leadership talent across functions from around the world, besides hunting on job portals, actively uses LinkedIn to connect with passive job seekers. The HR team at WABAG has created a special page of the company for this purpose and has extremely successful at hiring for positions in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Algeria and Philippines.

Even jobseekers find the platform useful.

“For the short span that I was out on the street, without a job, I upgraded from free to basic paid plan on LinkedIn that allowed me the use of their Inmail feature,” recalls a VP-level executive with a multinational telecom brand, who unfortunately got axed, when head began to roll at the top.

“I didn’t lose hope and stepped up my search efforts on LinkedIn, revived my old connections, checked out who had viewed my profile, earlier, and started marketing my skill sets to them aggressively using Inmail,” she recalls. The outcome? In three months she landed a job, a far better one than her last.

(A few names have been suppressed to protect users’ privacy).


Radhika Sachdev

Content Strategist

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