Extracting brief from a client

16th Jun, 2016

| by Aditi Chavan

Sandeep Sandhu, (name changed) a content writer had a meeting with his client Prakash Sinha, an app developer. Sinha had engaged Sandhu to ghostwrite blogs for his website.  Sinha knows what he wants in the blog but is not able to articulate it so well to Sandhu.

It thus falls on Sandhu to pry out information from Sinha, try to analyze exactly what his client wants. He is able to do that, only because he is well-accomplished in the art of brief extraction and is an excellent listener.

The whole hog is getting an input from your client to producing the final output is a carefully-balanced act with a lot of give and take. Here are a few tips on how to extract a killer brief from your client.

Bond with your client

You can understand each other, only if you talk the same language. This goes beyond setting-up an interview. Since your client is going to be the main, reliable source of authentic, it pays to establish a great relationship with him/her, so we are always on the same page and understand the client’s requirements and your deliverables from the content writing project.

Dig up the information

For a perfect content ideation it’s important to gather maximum information. You may not use all of it later, but it will give you a complete picture of the clients positioning, purpose and plan for the project. Do your homework, before you schedule a meeting and shoot relevant questions.

Find out who would you be writing for? The purpose of the blog? Is it for lead generation or brand building? Who are your client’s competitors? What are they doing with their WordPress blog? How are they managing their social media marketing? The more you are able to crack the details, the better you would be at crafting your copy. You don’t have to use every piece of information you have gathered, but knowing how the business runs, goals and challenges will help you  craft your copy better.

Make a fool-proof content strategy

What are the topics your client would like you to tackle? Why?  How frequently does he want you to post? What platforms has he/she chosen? Why is he more fixated on LinkedIn and not Facebook? Is it because he is a real estate consultant who wants to establish himself (personal branding) as an authority in a particular domain? And, if he is focused on Instagram, is it because his product is more ‘visual’ and Facebook – because he’s catering to the youth audience?

The more you explore and mine, the better your copy will be and the more satisfied your client will be, with him choice of you as his ghostwriter.

Aditi Chavan

Aditi Chavan

Content Developer

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