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20th Jun, 2014

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Don’t be, as Rajesh Kejriwal, the founder of Design Yatra and Kyoorius magazine gives you all the dope on the recently-concluded Design Awards event in Mumbai, a property that he hadn’t known would grow so big one day!

Write Solution’s Shabda Pawar gets into a tete-e-tete with Kejriwal, a few days after the event. 

Kyoorius 2014 just got over – do you feel spent out? How would you describe your mental state at this moment? Any event of this scale must take a lot of energy, planning and time? Tell us a bit about that…

Ten days ahead of the event is total CHAOS- co-ordinating every small detail for an award show of this magnitude with over 1200 people in attendance, takes a lot of co-ordination.  Three days before one, is literally in execution mode and because we are very passionate about what we do – adrenaline kicks in and things go in auto execute mode. One has done all the preparation and one must then just let things flow. What will happen, will happen and none other than the organisers will realise the small stuff that does get missed out.

Any surprise wins of this year (Your personal surprises)?

The Last Telegram was a great piece of work which was on the spot and I was not surprised when it won the Blue Elephant – but I was surprised and pleasantly happy that it also won a Black Elephant (The Grand Prix of our awards show).

Any big misses that were your personal favourite (Could be in any category)?

Google Reunion has been a favourite of mine but it also won. The Kaan Khajura Tesan by PHD was an entry that I wish had been entered in our awards show as well – it’s great.

This is the ninth edition of the event. When you kicked it off in (2006?) year, had you known it would grow so big?

No, it’s the 9th Edition of our Annual Conference Design Yatra, this year. It will be the 2nd Edition of our Design Awards and it’s the 1st Edition of our Advertising Awards. So the show on 12th June in Mumbai was the Debut Advertising Awards show for us. What started out on 2006 was a small effort to build a platform for the design community – we had hopes of making it very meaningful but did not envisage that it will once day grow so big.

Looking back on that time, and looking forward to the future, what changes do you see in terms of design consciousness, not just on the creative side, but also in terms of demands from the consumers?  

Design is a strategic tool – it’s not about creating something beautiful but about an experience. Apple is a great example that everyone talks about. Innocent in the UK is another great example. Rituals in Netherlands is another – these brands are strategically designed and yet create an emotional connect.

Where do you see maximum change – which industries?

In India I feel that we will see the fastest growth in digital companies, especially companies like Flipkart or InMobi or Bookmyshow that have created a business by understanding a gap. But India needs to start working on product design and create products that are designed in India and hopefully exported worldwide.

Which industries appear to resist design?

MSMEs in India are still not convinced about spending money on design. Even large traditional corporates shy away from making this investment – it’s simply beyond their understanding or grasp. We will see a sea-change once the younger generation seizes control. It’s much like the Modi-fied India – People like Advani had to step down for India to make progress J

Sectors like pharma, education services ect. are still very under-designed? Comment.

Government of India is the smallest consumer of design. Education Services and Pharma but even PSUs are very under-designed.

What is your personal definition of a well-designed product/service?

Let’s take a leaf out of Steve Jobs – beyond some great products he helped define exactly what good design meant for the computer age. He stood for six principles – Level of craft; empathy, focus and impute, friendliness and lastly and simplicity. These stood the test of time over and over again and maybe Tim is losing it.


What are the plans for Kyoorius 2015, or is it too early for that?

We launched Design Awards last year and Advertising + Digital this year. So we have our hands full for the next year – one has to ensure that they focus and build on what they have launched, instead of trying to merely grow bigger or do more activities. It’s important that you take your initiative to the best possible level and then decide on doing something else. One must be dominant in that field – either number one or number two – nothing less.


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