We Produce
Call-to-Action Business Copy

Knowing that business magnates don’t have the time, will or patience to go through meandering wordage, we try and make ours as pithy, precise and hard-hitting as possible in all our B2B communications.

For B2C market, we keep it yet more simple, jargon-free and deliciously consumer-friendly. The idea is to inform, not confuse. To demystify, not catch someone in a labyrinth of high-sounding, marketing buzzwords.

As a process-driven company, with a full-time researcher, copywriter and senior editor on board, our copy gets funneled through at least three pair of eyes, and is finally packed with razor-sharp marketing punch to put you miles ahead of competition.

Original content creators, we subscribe to Copyscape (a plagiarism detection software) and run every copy through it before delivering it to the clients.

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Radhika Sachdev

Content Strategist

She is a journalist-turned content strategist, who has held senior editorial positions with major Indian news banners. She has over 20 years of experience in the profession, with The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Indian Express and The Pioneer, covering Advertising, Marketing, Media, Education, HR, Real Estate and Environment beats. Donning many hats, she is enjoying her diversification from journalism to copywriting to media consultancy, and is open to negotiating all sorts of creative challenges that life and work, routinely throws her way.

She is also the author of the book, Second Go, published by Prakash Publication’s Fingerprints. Second Go is a first-hand account of a liver transplant recipient’s journey in India

Poonam Taneja


A thoughtful and thorough researcher, Poonam has a keen eye for detail. The spadework that she does in prying out stories, statistics and anecdotes from a glut of information helps us build a word edifice that delights clients and engages theirĀ  consumers. A self-confessed Research-a-holic, she wades through tons of material, cross-cheking facts, attributing sources, before producing a new positioning statement for a brand in a cluttered marketplace.

Kavya Savtirkar

Senior, Designer

Kavya is an ace designer with a balanced perspective. She has several years of corporate branding experience behind her. Highly seasoned and creative, she is soft-spoken, enthusiastic, hardworking, versatile, punctual and organized in her thoughts and processes.

Aditi Chavan

Client Servicing

Diligent and meticulous in her client-follow-up research and copy work, she is good at communicating the client’s exact brief to the creative team at WS. Passionate about her work, she is quick on the take and excited about picking up new leads, and striking long-term, strategic business relationships with clients.

Yashvini Bhatt

Copy Editor

Good with copy, grammar or syntax, with her keen eye for detail, she has recently come on board to help us make our content even stronger.

Karishma Desai

Office Admin

Armed with a visual-technical bent of mind, she is good with project execution, planning, and office administration work.